New for 2022, the four artists that have made up STRIPED LIGHT are moving forward as individual studios, with the namesake of Striped Light returning to its origin as a record company.

Contacts and links for each artists' studio are below. Keep in touch for exciting new artwork, classes, and interactions!

STUKENBORG PRESS (Bryan Baker): Letterpress printing, letterpress classes, and original artwork.
Email: bryanchristopherbaker@gmail.com
Instagram: @stukenborgpress
ETSY shop: Stukenborg

SARAH SHEBARO: Letterpress & Risograph printing, letterpress & Risograph classes, textiles, graphic design, and original artwork.
Email: sshebaro@gmail.com
Instagram: @sshebaro
Website: www.sshebaro.com

STRIPED LIGHT (Jason Boardman): Recording studio, sound engineering, and record label.
Email: jason@stripedlight.com
Bandcamp: Striped Light Records

HUMID PROJECTS (Amos Oaks): Fine art, painting, sculpture, and gallery space.
Email: amosoaks@gmail.com
Website: www.amosoaks.com